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At Pérez-Llorca we accompany our clients wherever they are based, wherever they have operations or wherever they need us. We have close connections with the leading firms in every jurisdiction in order to offer our clients the best and most specialised advice in each country. We make it our mission to always seek out and find the best possible results for our clients for every case, adapting our service to their needs and collaborating with the most distinguished local firms. Our profound understanding of the legal market in each country allows us to offer our clients complete solutions.


LatAm Desk

Pérez-Llorca’s LatAm Desk is formed of a team of lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the region, who work on all types of transactions in the Latin American market. We advise our Spanish clients on investment opportunities and their internationalisation efforts. Our Litigation and Arbitration team, also part of our LatAm desk, has extensive experience advising on all types of disputes and pre-litigious matters.

From our LatAm Desk, Pérez-Llorca’s experienced lawyers offer expert advice on matters within the region, where we work with lawyers from prestigious law firms specialising in a range of different practices.

In addition, lawyers regularly flow between us and the leading law firms in this jurisdiction. These secondments conducted by our lawyers abroad and lawyers from these countries allow us to further forge our relationship with them.

Ivan Delgado

Partner. Responsible LatAm Desk
T: +34 91 436 04 21


Gonçalo Capela Godinho

Partner. LatAm Desk (Brazil)
T: +351 91 174 3363


Felipe Nazar

Partner. Arbitration LatAm Desk
T: +1 646 846 6663

New York

Ignacio Pascual

Tax Associate. LatAm Desk
T: +34 91 423 66 05



Asian Desk

The Asian Desk is made up of a team of lawyers from a number of the Firm’s practices who are used to working on multidisciplinary issues with an Asian component both inbound and outbound.

Our professionals understand the culture, customs, traditions and how to work and do business in this region and accompany our clients in their investment and internationalisation plans, always hand-in-hand with the continent’s best firms, as well as Asian companies with interests in Spain or transactions with a Spanish or Iberian component. We maintain close and seamless relationships with the continent’s leading and most prestigious firms, which allows us to organise a joint team at pace and provide the highest quality advice in each practice area and type of matter.

Pablo Hontoria

Partner. Responsible Asian Desk
T: +65 9379 1591


Fausto Romero-Miura

Partner. Responsible Asian Desk
T: +34 91 426 30 48



French Desk

Pérez-Llorca’s French Desk is made up of a team of native French-speaking lawyers who, thanks to their knowledge of French language and culture, are able to anticipate, accommodate and respond to the needs of the companies they advise.

Since its origin, our firm has developed strong links with France, with extensive ongoing experience in providing legal support and advice to French clients on investments in Spain, and in assisting Spanish clients with their growth plans in France.

The entire team of lawyers has a university and/or professional background gained in France and is therefore able to offer multidisciplinary advice. We also work regularly with the most prestigious law firms in the country, providing a global service to our clients.

Florence Legeay

Partner. Responsible French Desk
T: +34 93 481 56 16



Portuguese Desk

Pérez-Llorca’s Portuguese Desk comprises a team of native lawyers who are registered in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, and who have extensive experience in the practice of law in these countries, as well as in other Portuguese-speaking countries (Angola, Cape Verde, and Mozambique, among others), where they can provide legal advice to our clients in their most complex matters.

The lawyers who belong to the Portuguese Desk are distinguished by their extensive professional experience in Portugal and Brazil and their broad knowledge of the Portuguese market and the specific complexities of this jurisdiction. Through our Portuguese Desk, we offer comprehensive Iberian advice to our clients, coordinating all matters and disputes that require work in Spanish and Portuguese law, at all times with the highest quality of service and harnessing the synergies of both jurisdictions for the benefit of our clients.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of the culture, values, and business models of Portuguese-speaking countries allows us to offer services tailored to the needs of each client, in all types of matters in the different practice areas in which the Firm operates.

Gonçalo Capela Godinho

T: +351 91 174 3363


Pedro Marques da Gama

T: +34 91 423 20 80



International Training

Pérez-Llorca has four offices abroad: in London, New York, Brussels and Singapore; where our lawyers practise Spanish law. Our international presence enables us to assist clients with the development of all their projects, as well as to collaborate closely with local firms and, from the Brussels office, with the main European institutions.

Our international offices are managed by partners who have spent the majority of their professional careers at Pérez-Llorca, as well as in the public sector. They are accompanied by associates who joined as first-year lawyers and have grown both personally and professionally at Pérez-Llorca.

From our London office located in the district of Mayfair, we advise our clients on cross-border transactions and provide them with an even more global and comprehensive service.

From our New York office located on Park Avenue, we advise clients on Spanish law and offer multidisciplinary teams that are adapted to their needs in the US and Latin America.

Our office in Brussels, located in the European Quarter, enables us to offer even stronger advice to our clients on matters related to Public Law, Competition Law and European Union Law.

After London and New York, the opening of the Singapore office is the culmination of the plan to establish a presence in the financial capitals of the three major regions of economic development. This office is the hub for Pérez-Llorca’s strategy in the Asia-Pacific region.


You will have the opportunity to participate in our secondments or exchange programmes with law firms around the world.

We have excellent relations with foreign law firms: Some of the destinations where we run these exchange programmes are New York, London, Paris, Stockholm, São Paulo, Mexico and Chile.

In addition, you will be able to attend courses and seminars abroad organised by other firms that we collaborate with, who invite our lawyers to participate in their training programmes.