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Our Pro Bono and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects are closely linked to our values of equality and justice, and are based on the continued commitment of everyone at the firm to serve the community with the aim of improving social inequality.

Our programme seeks to help the most disadvantaged members of our society, and has clear objectives. In our view, it is important that we abide by our ethical duty to serve society. Our mission is to help entities that we believe should be able to dedicate their resources to social purposes access a just and equal legal system. This is, in our opinion, part and parcel of a lawyer’s moral and ethical duty. Our Pro Bono Committee centralises and manages this work. We have a list of priority communities, but the Pro Bono Committee analyses any new activities we are offered with the intention of increasing the range of sectors which we assist. Our social action covers many areas, including those relating to children, immigration and disabilities and/or serious illnesses.

As lawyers, we view the provision of our legal services as our chief Pro Bono activity, as this is our unique area of expertise and where we believe we can contribute the most. Our lawyers contribute to social projects personally, by practising their profession, and also through the firm’s coordinated actions. We have the support of various foundations and NGOs whose goal is to promote strategic business activities that can help to improve the society we live in.

Pérez-Llorca has published its first Sustainability Report or Statement of Non-Financial Information, approved by the Partners’ Council.

Sustainability Report 2021

Pro Bono 8

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