The Firm

A Leading Firm


We are committed to being innovative in our approach to the legal advice we offer our clients. Our experience leading in the most complex transactions on the market means that we can provide excellence, and formulate innovative solutions to issues which arise in such matters. The dedication and commitment of our teams of lawyers allows us to provide forward-thinking advice of the highest quality.

Innovation: essential for our future and that of our clients

At Pérez-Llorca, our strategy for innovation is based on developing solutions that give our clients a better legal experience. The work that we carry out today contributes to the legal market of the future.

We are keen to discover new artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing tools, which we believe are key to improving our efficiency and competitiveness. We develop projects that allow us to process documentation for our cases automatically.  We take e-Discovery processes one step further, extending its use to all of our cases supported by technology.

We implement methods for continued improvement in process reengineering in order to achieve maximum automation and efficiency.