TESEO Training Programme

A training programme designed for lawyers of the future.

“We are fully aware that our main asset is our lawyers and their knowledge. For that reason, training constitutes a fundamental element of our firm’s strategy.” Pedro Pérez-Llorca

Our TESEO internal Training Programme has received several awards.

What are the objectives of TESEO?

TESEO provides our lawyers with solid legal training to further enhance their knowledge and analytical skills in the fundamentals of Company Law. TESEO also helps our lawyers better understand practice areas other than those in which they normally work, introduces them to recent legal developments (i.e. legislative, case law and doctrinal developments), and provides them with the expertise or soft skills necessary for the practice of law.

How long does the programme run for?

TESEO is an internal training programme that lasts for two academic years. It is composed of several modules, both legal and non-legal, all of which are compulsory for lawyers during their first two years of practising law. Some of these modules are open to the firm’s more senior professionals and partners.

What does it involve?

I. Orientation Module:


The welcome course offers you an insight into the firm’s culture, allowing you to adapt quickly and easily to the work environment. You will get to know the Pérez-Llorca’s different areas of work, the internal rules which govern the way we work and the practice of law and professional ethics.


This part of the training offers a practical focus on the fundamental questions relating to the various legal branches that make up Company Law and enhances knowledge acquired during your university studies.

II. Continuous Legal Training Module:


This module includes seminars designed to expand your knowledge of certain legal matters. An expert lawyer will cover current legal issues.


This course will keep you up to date with the latest legislative, case law and other relevant legal news.


In order to offer practical legal training of a multidisciplinary nature, case studies dealing with differing legal issues and focus points  are presented to the lawyers.

III. Non-Continuous Legal Training Module:

This course seeks to make the most of your talents and skills, both professionally and personally, by providing you with the tools necessary to work in the legal profession through specific courses on legal English, accounting and finance, and soft skills, among others.