Techlaw 14

Anticipation and Analysis

We have the legal and technological knowledge to carry out comprehensive analyses that enable us to anticipate the technical and legal challenges and uncertainties that arise in the day-to-day business of our clients.

Techlaw 14

Complex technological and legal issues

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to how the law applies to technology. By ensuring we have a firm grasp of each technology, we can provide our clients with support and legal certainty regardless of the industry or sector they are in.

Techlaw 14

Legal risks and disputes arising due to technology

We advise on all legal aspects of cyber risks and on disputes with a technological component. In a fully digital environment, we help our clients mitigate their transformation risks, as well as defend their interests in different kinds of disputes.


Techlaw 14

Venture capital and investment in technology-based companies

Acquisition of and investment in technology-based companies

Mergers and anti-competitive practices in technology-based sectors

Labour issues, teleworking and virtual or remote working relationships

Financing and investment in technology

Planning for R&D tax incentives

Technology applied to financial services and markets

E-currencies and asset tokenisation


Techlaw 14
Techlaw 14

Development, exploitation and transfer of technology

Advice on technology development, transfer and service contracts

Advice on data processing and the creation of artificial intelligence tools

RPA - Establishing robotised or automated in-house processes with a legal component

Legal and tax risks, and technology-based disputes

Digital permanent establishments and location of operations

Cybercrime and threat prediction policies

Resolution of disputes related to technology (software development, breach of SLAs, etc.)


Techlaw 14
Andy Ramos Gil de la Haza 6

Andy Ramos Gil de la Haza

Partner of Intellectual Property and Technology

Carlos Pérez Dávila 1

Carlos Pérez Dávila

Partner of Banking and Finance

Josefina García Pedroviejo 2

Josefina García Pedroviejo

Partner of Financial Services and Investment Funds

Javier García Marrero 1

Javier García Marrero

Partner of Litigation and Arbitration

Joaquín Ruiz Echauri 1

Joaquín Ruiz Echauri

Partner of Insurance and Reinsurance

Jordi Farrés 1

Jordi Farrés

Partner of Corporate/M&A

José Suárez

José Suárez

Partner of Tax

Juan Jiménez-Laiglesia 1

Juan Jiménez-Laiglesia

Partner of Competition

Juan Palomino 1

Juan Palomino

Partner of White Collar Crime and Investigations

Rais Amils Arnal

Rais Amils Arnal

Partner of Intellectual Property and Technology

Pedro Fernández

Pedro Fernández

Partner of Corporate/M&A

Eduardo Castillo San Martín 2

Eduardo Castillo

Partner of Intellectual Property and Technology

Laura Pérez 1

Laura Pérez

Partner of Employment

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