Intellectual Property and Technology Year in Review 2023


Learn about 2023’s most important developments and the changes expected in 2024 in Technology, Pharma, Media and Fintech & Insurtech, as well as E-commerce and Retail.

At Pérez-Llorca, we are pleased to share the Intellectual Property and Technology Year in Review 2023 which has been prepared by our Intellectual Property and Technology team.

In this Year in Review, we offer an overview of the developments that took place in 2023 and that are relevant to our practice, as well as our forecasts for 2024 in the most relevant sectors: Technology, Pharma, Media, Fintech & Insurtech, E-commerce and Retail.

The entertainment sector: regulatory slowdown and development of the audiovisual business. We analyse the legislative activity which took place in 2023, as well as the emergence of new business models, such as the FAST model, and the growing interest in the application of artificial intelligence in the sector, particularly in creative tasks. In addition, the reform of the Directive on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market, still in the process of implementation, anticipates significant legal changes in 2024 that will influence the sector.

The pharmaceutical sector in 2023: innovation and regulation in a new era for healthcare. In 2023, the pharmaceutical sector experienced significant regulatory changes relating to intellectual property and technology, among which several key themes for more efficient and centralised protection in the EU should be highlighted: artificial intelligence, relevant regulatory developments and their impact on exclusive rights, and harmonisation of the patent system, among others.

Navigating the digital tide in 2023: AI, the data economy and the legal-technological future. As part of its digital sovereignty strategy, the EU has implemented several regulations and directives, and this trend is expected to continue in 2024, with the aim of reaching specific targets for 2030. We look at the challenges that this regulatory tide presents.

The future of finance and insurance: Towards 2024 with an eye on legal certainty and innovation. We look at the regulation of cryptoassets as well as digital operational resilience. 2024 will bring major regulatory developments which will affect technology and regulation in the sector, and which will have two distinct components: firstly, concerning the regulation of cryptoassets, and, secondly, concerning digital operational resilience.

The digital economy: E-commerce and Retail. An increased regulatory burden due to sectoral regulations. 2023 saw an expansion of the regulatory landscape in the digital economy, as a result of the regulation of digital markets as part of the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy and the arrival of new regulations that directly impact the businesses of the players involved in these digital markets. We analyse the expansion of the regulatory landscape, supervision by supervisory authorities and the horizontal compliance strategy.

You can read the full Year in Review here.

Anuario 2023 de Propiedad Intelectual, Industrial y Tecnología

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