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Counsel, Corporate
Adriana Martín
“If I had to summarise my professional experience at Pérez-Llorca in a few words, I would say continuous learning and training. Since I began practising law at the office in Barcelona, the firm has allowed me to participate and get involved in deals from the beginning, working with partners and senior lawyers on a daily basis and attending meetings with clients. The firm provides excellent on-the-job training and consistent personal and professional encouragement, which are very important elements in a lawyer’s career, especially during the first few years. The way the firm is structured has meant that while working at Pérez-Llorca’s Barcelona office, I have been able to get to know and receive training in different areas of law. This has not only helped me to obtain a more complete picture of the transactions I have been involved in, but also to define my career choices, which is something that I did not see clearly immediately after graduating.”
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Partner, Banking and Finance
Ander Valverde
“I joined Pérez-Llorca in 2010 after completing an LL.M. in the United States, being admitted to the New York Bar, and briefly working at a development bank based in London. From the very beginning, the firm offered me the opportunity - and the challenge - of strengthening its Banking and Finance practice, and since then it has entrusted me with the responsibility, resources and freedom to help to consolidate the practice as one of the best in Spain. Pérez-Llorca offers recently graduated, talented lawyers the chance to take on responsibilities right from the start and invests in them as they embark on their legal careers, empowering them to set and achieve their goals. I think this is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the firm continues to promote young partners.”
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Partner, Litigation and Arbitration
Laura Ruiz
“I joined Pérez-Llorca immediately after graduating. At the time, like all recent graduates, I was a little unsure of what being a lawyer entailed; however, after joining the firm, I found out that although it is an intense and demanding profession, it is also fascinating. The firm is comprised of brilliant professionals and the work environment is great. One of the best things is definitely the rotation period for the newly qualified lawyers who join the firm. The rotations allowed me to experience various practice areas for the first time, work with experts in many different branches of law and, ultimately, be more open-minded. Since joining Pérez-Llorca, I have had the opportunity to take part in some very interesting cases, take on responsibilities from the start and continue growing as a lawyer and learning every day. I also had the opportunity to do a secondment in Sweden, which was a very enriching experience both professionally and personally.”
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Partner, Corporate
Pedro Marques da Gama
“When I finished my master’s degree in International Legal Practice, I began looking for a law firm with an international focus where I could apply and further develop the corporate law skills I had acquired. After having worked at Pérez-Llorca for over 10 years, I can say with a sense of great satisfaction that I am privileged to have found the law firm that I was looking for. At this firm, I have been able to participate in many commercial transactions and especially corporate mergers and acquisitions, which are always very interesting from a professional point of view. At Pérez-Llorca, lawyers have the opportunity to take on responsibilities and have direct contact with clients, which is very important during the first few years in this profession, as it allows them to develop their abilities. In addition, at Pérez-Llorca we are provided with all the tools we need to successfully practise our profession, as the firm pays particular attention to the continuous training of its lawyers, giving them the opportunity to attend conferences or participate in postgraduate programmes.”
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Associate, Tax
Yi Zhou
“After finishing my master’s degree in Tax Consultancy and Management, I was interested in joining a law firm where I could apply my newly acquired skills. I chose Pérez-Llorca because of the good work environment that I noticed during the interviews with different lawyers from the firm and because of the opportunity for continuous legal training. In my opinion, continuous legal training is essential for the professional development of a lawyer and this is possible at Pérez-Llorca through TESEO and Legal Update schemes. TESEO offers the opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge in different areas of law under the guidance of expert lawyers. Furthermore, each practice area provides legal updates and continuous training on the most important topics related to that practice.”
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Associate, Corporate
Patricia Alonso-Lamberti
“I feel personally involved in Pérez-Llorca’s endeavours. Shortly after joining Pérez-Llorca, I realised that I was in the perfect place to grow professionally. Today, from Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, over 1700 km from the Madrid office, and having been given the option of working from home for several weeks a month in order to balance my work life and my personal life, I can confirm that. My experience at Pérez-Llorca has been characterised by the continuous training and legal updates, the close collaboration of all the different teams at the firm, the support given to employees and the fact that effort is rewarded. I think that as lawyers we are faced with many challenges throughout our careers, and the best way to succeed is to surround yourself with the right people who help you to overcome them. At Pérez-Llorca, I have been taught how to put into practice everything I learnt in my undergraduate and master's degrees, and I have been given the opportunity to participate in many different transactions. Moreover, the personalised evaluation system has helped me formulate an action plan to make the most of my skills and talents.”
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Associate, Corporate
Aurora Vázquez
“During my degree in Law and Business Administration I had the opportunity to complete a summer internship at Pérez-Llorca. This work experience helped me to familiarise myself with the day-to-day workings of the profession and the law firm. It was such an interesting and rewarding experience that I wanted to do it again, and, after going through the selection process, I joined the firm to gain work experience as part of my master's degree for Access to the Legal Profession. Over the four months of this internship, I witnessed the quality, rigour and professionalism of all the staff at Pérez-Llorca, and especially the lawyers. Lawyers at this firm are consummate professionals with significant experience, who made me feel part of the team right from the beginning, getting me involved in different matters and listening to my queries and opinions. From the beginning of the internship, I was supported by a tutor, who guided and helped me to overcome the minor everyday difficulties I experienced. Another aspect I valued at Pérez-Llorca was the extensive training programme it offers its lawyers, which includes sessions on general legal knowledge, accounting and legal English courses, as well as legal update workshops organised by each of the different departments.”
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