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Pérez-Llorca/ICADE Chair

The Pérez-Llorca/ICADE Chair on Economics and Competition Law, created through the collaboration agreement recently signed by the Universidad Pontificia Comillas and Pérez-Llorca, aims to become a forum for study, research and debate on the relationships between these two social sciences and the impact that the interaction between them has on markets and competition between companies and states.

Cátedra Pérez-Llorca/ICADE 1

The research and knowledge-sharing aims of this collaboration are:

  • Studying the mutual interdependence of economics and competition law
  • Analysing the impact of legal regulation on markets and competition.
  • Improving the regulatory situation in Spain and searching for formulas that
    improve market efficiency and favour good business practices.
  • Researching the role of states in the economy and their impact on markets.


Furthermore, by virtue of this agreement, a research line on economics and competition law will be launched, and to this end, the Chair will finance a PhD scholarship to train a student in the Chair’s disciplines, with the aim that this training will contribute to the completion of his or her doctoral thesis.