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Criminal risk prevention

The Firm is strongly committed to the prevention of criminal conduct and has a Criminal Risk Prevention Committee in charge of monitoring and managing the prevention of crime.

The purpose of this Committee is to prevent or avoid conduct that may result in criminal liability for the Firm and, where appropriate, to facilitate early detection and response to such conduct.

If you are aware of any event or conduct that may involve criminal risk, please contact the Criminal Risk Prevention Committee at the following email address: 

Pérez-Llorca also has a communication channel that guarantees the anonymity of whistleblowers. This channel is used to handle both possible criminal complaints and any communication regarding possible irregularities in different areas susceptible to such reports, i.e.: data protection, money laundering, equality and harassment, etc.

This anonymous channel is in addition to the traditional channels that the Firm has in place for anyone affected to raise their concerns.

You can access our whistleblowing channel at the following link.