What makes us unique

You will be working in a leading law firm. You define the limits of your own career and we will help you achieve your professional goals. We want you to share our commitment to excellence through the following:

System of Rotations

During your first 15 months at the firm you will work with three different teams, spending five months with each of them. Throughout the selection process you will be asked for your preferences, although your choices allow for flexibility and can be changed once you start working at the Firm. We think this is a great system because it allows you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of both the law and the firm, and allows you to get to know various teams and practice areas. Each rotation period is a new challenge and it fosters the development of various skills necessary for the legal profession.

Ongoing Training Plan

Internal training. TESEO is an ambitious two-year training plan designed for Pérez-Llorca’s youngest lawyers. It is also open to any other lawyers from the firm who wish to participate. This programme, organised and funded by the firm, is designed with the primary goal of offering participants the necessary training to achieve their professional goals.

National and international external training. We encourage our lawyers to undergo continuous training, as this allows them to specialise in various topics, and fosters ongoing contact with the academic and professional world through courses, seminars and conferences organised by prestigious institutions.

We believe that a true professional not only builds on the skills and knowledge that they have but also continues learning and developing every day. We take this into consideration when creating a career for each lawyer. After several years of practicing as a lawyer, we recognise how important it is for you to stay up-to-date or study certain areas in more detail. At Pérez-Llorca, we believe in your career and we will support this process in a number of different ways:

Financial support. We offer to fully or partially fund postgraduate or Master’s degrees in the US when the interest and commitment is mutually recognised.

Recommendations. We provide individual and institutional references in order to facilitate admission into the programme of your choice.

Mentoring Groups. If you are interested, we can connect you with groups of lawyers, partners and/or alumni, who are able to offer advice as they themselves have gone through the same experiences and uncertainties.

International Opportunities

Secondments. You will be given the opportunity to participate in our international secondments and spend a period of time in a highly regarded law firm in the US, Latin America or Europe. We also have a system in place to give you the opportunity to work from our London, New York, Brussels and Singapur offices. These programmes offer you, as a future lawyer at Pérez-Llorca, the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Multilateral training. You will be able to attend courses and seminars abroad organised by other firms who invite our lawyers to participate in their training programmes.

Meeting. Pérez-Llorca Talent

Delegation and supervision

At Pérez-Llorca you will have the opportunity to take on responsibilities from the beginning. In addition, an experienced lawyer will supervise your work, acting as your tutor and mentor to help enhance your skills and quality of work and to ensure that you maintain the high standards that our clients deserve.

Our tutors, partners and/or lawyers with experience, know how important it is to invest in their time to pass on knowledge and guide your career since you will be part of Pérez-Llorca’s future.

Career Plan

We evaluate each lawyer’s individual performance and provide constructive feedback. By doing this, we identify strengths and work together to resolve any professional or personal concerns in order to facilitate your development and progression at Pérez-Llorca.


In collaboration with the Faculty of Law (Comillas ICADE), Pérez-Llorca is offering students in the second year of baccalaureate from public secondary schools throughout Spain the opportunity to study any of the degrees offered by the Faculty of Law with a scholarship that will cover 100% of the cost of the degree. As a prerequisite, you must have excellent grades and pass the admission exams. You can apply with the application form here.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Pro Bono

Through our CSR project, and particularly through pro bono work, we have created very clear objectives in order to help the most disadvantaged members of our society. We want to be able to fulfil our ethical duty to serve society and allow our lawyers to execute their commitment to solidarity. One of Pérez-Llorca’s objectives is to help build a fair and just legal system. This is, in our opinion, part and parcel of a lawyer’s moral and ethical duty. In order to centralise and manage all this work, a Pro Bono Committee has been set-up which reviews all requests for work and assigns them to the professionals leading the projects. We would love to be able to count on your support for these projects.