Lecciones Fundamentales de Derecho Administrativo


Lecciones Fundamentales de Derecho Administrativo



The second edition of Lecciones Fundamentales de Derecho Administrativo offers a comprehensive and fully updated overview of Spanish administrative law, covering both general and specialist areas. Its 76 chapters exhaustively cover all the rules, institutions and principles that govern administrative organisation, its functions and relationships with citizens, as well as the different sectoral laws that regulate the various areas of activity subject to administrative intervention. The book incorporates the latest developments introduced in this branch of law, in particular, by the Laws that regulate the common administrative procedure and the legal regime of the Public Sector, as well as by the recent Law 9/2017, of 8 November, on Public Sector Contracts, which has had a major impact on public tendering. All the chapters have been drafted by State Advocates who have worked in the ministerial departments and agencies with competence in the administrative areas addressed. Because of its thoroughness and its direct and accessible style, this is a versatile work that allows both an academic approach to this fundamental branch of Public Law, especially for those who are preparing for civil service entrance examinations, and a practical knowledge of the most recent jurisprudential doctrine.


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