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Pérez-Llorca Employment Law Webinar: “How should we manage the return to work?”


On Friday 8 May, Pérez-Llorca is holding a webinar about the measures to manage the return to work.

08 May 20

In this webinar, Luis Enrique Fernández Pallarés, Laura Pérez, Daniel Cifuentes and Isabel Moya analyse measures to manage the return to work. Some of the points discussed are:

-Preferential treatment for working from home – how long for?

-Implementation of control measures (taking temperatures, COVID-19 tests); are they compatible with employees’ privacy?

-Flexibility of temporary workforce restructuring plans (ERTEs): options for including or removing employees

-Consequences of breaching the guarantee of employment following an ERTE

If you were unable to attend or wish to view this webinar again, you can do so by clicking on the video below:

Please note that the video is in Spanish; for further details contact

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