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Seminar: ‘How companies should act when faced with an on-site inspection’


On 5 October, Pérez-Llorca will organise a seminar in collaboration with the Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations (CEOE) which will discuss how companies should act when faced with an on-site inspection.

05 October 17

José María Campos, Legal Director of the CEOE, will open the event, after which the session will be split into four blocks of content. The first block will focus on criminal judicial inspections in companies and will be led by Antonio Camacho, Counsel of White Collar Crime at Pérez-Llorca. Oriol Armengol, Pérez-Llorca’s Competition Law Partner, will then explore issues relating to inspections of the competition authorities in companies.

After these presentations, Luis Fernández de Pallarés, Labour Law Partner at Pérez-Llorca, will analyse internal labour policies and internal investigations in cases of complaints. The final presentation of the event will be given by another of our partners in the Labour Law practice, Fernando Ruiz Linaza, and will consider the internal investigation of employees in cases where there is suspicion of an illegal activity pursuant to labour, administrative or criminal law.

The session will commence at 09:30 am and will run until 12:00 pm, in the Hemiciclo room at the headquarters of the CEOE, located at Diego de León, 50, Madrid.