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Pérez-Llorca to hold the conference ‘An Introduction to Third-Party Funding’


On 10 December, Pérez-Llorca will hold the session 'An Introduction to Third-Party Funding', organised by CEA-40, at its Madrid headquarters.

10 December 15


The session, which will be held between 2:30pm and 3:30pm, will analyse various financing modalities for arbitral disputes, including their advantages and disadvantages.

The speakers that will share their insights on this matter are: Maddi Azpiroz, Managing Director of ClaimTrading, London; Mick Smith, Partner and Cofounder of Calunius, London; and José Julio Figueroa, Legal Director of Acciona Energía.

The discussion will be moderated by Mercedes Romero and Fernando Bedoya, lawyers of the Litigation and Arbitration department of Pérez-Llorca.


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