Interview with Ivan Delgado about investment in Spain


Iván Delgado says that “investors will consider whether taxes will be raised in Spain”.

“The influx of international investment into Spain is very positive.” So much so that four years ago, Pérez-Llorca opened its own office Stateside to advise on transactions that come into Spain from all over the American continent via the financial centre of New York, and those which go the opposite way.

Iván Delgado, lead partner at Pérez-Llorca’s office in the Big Apple, attests to the positive reputation enjoyed by the Spanish economy – and not only in the United States. “Mexican investors, for instance, are clearly establishing themselves in Spain,” he says. Hotels, transportation, construction…there are countless sectors that interest the big players in Mexico, “who are looking for other more stable jurisdictions” and have found Spain to be a safe bet.

The country led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not experiencing its finest hour. The ghost of recession hangs over its economy, adding to the pressure of tariffs imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump. Chile (real estate and food) and Colombia (energy) are also interested in Spain. Delgado does not forget about Venezuela, although he adds that in this case, rather than industrial investors, he is dealing with holders of personal wealth who are seeking new kinds of assets. In any case, from New York it is clear that international geopolitics is playing in Spain’s favour.

However, there are also challenges. In the short term, the one that concerns investors most is the formation of the Government and the policies that it promotes. “It is very important that foreign investment is not harmed,” notes the Pérez-Llorca partner.

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