Brussels Insights – January 2023

Brussels Insights – January 2023

January 2023

Brussels Insights

The aim of this Newsletter is to draw companies’ attention to relevant issues from a “Brussels perspective”, as these are not always detected by Member States.

The topics will be diverse, but always considered from a Regulatory (particularly Energy and Internal Market) and Competition Law (in particular State Aid) perspective, and will include issues relating to the European Legislature, the European Commission and the CJEU.

We are currently experiencing a period of intense regulatory development, in which it is difficult to keep up with the pace of legislative acts, decisions or judgments that change dynamics or modify entire sectors. In view of this, Pérez-Llorca’s Brussels Office will periodically select a number of matters which merit attention because of their novelty or because they could raise legal issues involving important changes.

In this issue, we have selected:

  1. The Foreign Subsidies Regulation.
  2. The new request submitted by the CJEU to allow the General Court to decide on questions referred for preliminary rulings;
  3. The CJEU ruling that precludes claims for State liability in the event of a breach of environmental obligations; and
  4. Poland’s action for annulment against the “Solidarity Contribution” Regulation.