Press release

The New Law on Intellectual Property, up for debate at the Pérez- Llorca/IE Chair on Commercial Law


The IE- Pérez-Llorca Chair on Commercial Law held a session on the 18th of November concerning the new law on intellectual property which was recently approved by the Spanish Congress of Deputies. Juan Antonio Orgaz, legal manager of Discovery Communications for Spain and Portugal, was the lead speaker and participated in a conversation with Javier de la Cueva, intellectual property lawyer and Pedro Letai, IE Law School professor. The debate was moderated by Elena Veleiro, Counsel at Pérez-Llorca.

The three panelists explained their differing but nonetheless complementary perspectives on the main changes in the new law that will enter into force from the 1 January 2015. Juan Antonio Orgaz briefly outlined the changes and underlined the most controversial issues of this law, such as how the new regulation is affecting private copy. “A barrier that is now more restricting” as Orgaz described it, which will compensate authors through general government budgets. The control and supervision of the work by management firms or the famous Google rate and the AEDE canon for network news aggregators were other points of discussion.

Javier de la Cueva focused his discussion on the importance of intellectual property in the scientific and cultural development of Spain. He pointed out some interesting facts concerning consumption in the entertainment sector and discussed how he is in favour of a broader system along the lines of open access. Lastly, Pedro Letai highlighted the importance of analysing the current system of authors’ rights with economic arguments in order to be able to find a consensus among the different market players.