Year in Review 2023 Financial Services and Investment funds


We offer an overview of the regulatory developments approved during 2023, at both European and Spanish level

Pérez-Llorca’s Financial Services and Investment Funds practice presents the first edition of our Year in Review. This publication has been created and designed to compile the main regulatory developments approved at both European and Spanish level during 2023. Our aim is to provide a regular point of reference so as to optimise the time management of those of us who work in this branch of law, given the complexity and volume of applicable regulations.

The past year has witnessed noteworthy developments in the field of securities markets, marked by the approval of its key legislation, Law 6/2023 on Securities Markets, and also its implementing Royal Decrees. This legislation has substantially reshaped the financial regulatory landscape, affecting everything from the representation of securities to the
settlement and operation of investment firms.

You can read the full Year in Review here.

Anuario 2023 Servicios Financieros y Fondos de Inversión

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