Financial Times Innovative Lawyers 2017

Pérez-Llorca was recognised in the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards, which the financial broadsheet presented to European law firms for their innovative work.

Pérez-Llorca was included in the “Top 50 Law Firms and Legal Service Providers 2017” thanks to its work the area of “Legal expertise.”

In addition, in the in the categories of “Driving Value” and “Enabling Business Growth” the firm ranked at the “Commended” level which is the third level of distinction established by the awards.

In this edition of the awards, 112 law firms and legal service providers presented 1006 submissions. These submissions were researched by the editors of the Financial Times, consultants at RSG Consulting and independent legal experts of the various European jurisdictions. In addition, the researchers interviewed the lawyers in charge of each case for which submissions were sent in as well as the clients involved.