Legal briefing

Labour and social security aspects of Royal Decree-law 1/2023, on urgent measures regarding recruitment incentives and the improvement of the social protection of artists


The title of the Royal Decree-law announces two very different objects and, as will be seen, further topics are covered as well.

Firstly, it regulates incentives aimed at promoting recruitment, as well as other programmes or measures to promote and maintain stable and quality employment financed by means of reductions in social security contributions, or through other employment support instruments. Secondly, it extends social protection for those who carry out artistic activities. In addition, there are other provisions which affect companies in relation to various areas of social security.

The entire content of the Legal Briefing can be found in the PDF.

We have also included an Infographic, prepared by the Techlaw team, that considers the new Artist’s Statute, with developments relating to retirement, unemployment and social protection.

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