Press release

Pérez-Llorca and Nexian analyse the digital transformation from a HR perspective


The firm held an event with Nexian to discuss the latest developments in the regulation of data protection and digital rights, as well as the relevant case law in the field of employment

Speakers at the session, entitled “How can HR departments deal with digital transformation?”, included David Monge, Managing Director of Nexian; Alex Rayón, Director of Deusto BigData and Vice-Rector for International Relations at Universidad de Deusto; and from Pérez-Llorca, Fernando Ruiz, Partner of the Employment practice and Andy Ramos, Counsel in the Intellectual Property and Technology practice.

David Monge started the session by outlining the digital transformation that is taking place and explaining the need for HR departments to encourage it.

Alex Rayón showed attendees how companies like Google and Facebook accumulate vast amounts of personal data from mobile devices using big data. He also noted that companies and employees should adapt to and familiarise themselves with the new digital reality.

Fernando Ruiz then presented the developments in the regulation of data protection and digital rights and how they affect employment relations from a HR perspective. Ruiz remarked on recent rulings issued in the field that explain how Spanish courts approach various matters, such as the right to privacy in relation to using video surveillance and audio recording devices in the workplace, geolocation systems, measures to control computing devices or the use of electronic signatures.

Andy Ramos ended the session by discussing the most significant aspects of digital transformation, the treatment and analysis of data (personal and technical), big data and the creation of new processes and methods. In his words, “companies that invest in digitalisation generate a large number of intangible assets that, once properly identified and protected, can improve their position in the market.” Ramos explained both the existing regulations and future regulatory challenges.

The session ended with a round of questions from the audience, which was particularly interested in the measures to implement and the procedure to be followed by HR departments in order to deal with digital transformation in companies.