Press release

Financial Times acknowledges Pérez-Llorca as one of the Europe’s most innovative law firms


Pérez-Llorca has been recognised in the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards, which the financial broadsheet presented to European law firms for their innovative work.

Pérez-Llorca was tied for 7th place in the “Top 10 European Law Firms (non-UK)” thanks to our work in the area of “Legal expertise.”

In addition, in the Finance category, Pérez-Llorca was shortlisted and ranked at the “Standout” level, which is the highest of the two classifications established by the awards.

In this edition of the awards, there were 568 submissions presented by European law firms. The submissions were researched by the editors of the Financial Times, consultants at RSG Consulting and independent legal experts of the various European jurisdictions. In addition, the researchers interviewed the lawyers in charge of each case for which submissions were sent in and also the clients involved.

Fernando Quicios, head of the firm’s London office, attended the awards dinner, which took place at the Natural History Museum in London.