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Pérez-Llorca signs its Equality Plan with the CCOO and UGT trade unions


The Plan reaffirms Pérez-Llorca’s commitment to the development and professional advancement of women in the Firm

This morning, Pérez-Llorca institutionally signed the Firm’s Equality Plan with the General Union of Workers (UGT)’s Federation of Services, Mobility and Consumption and the Workers’ Commission (CCOO)’s Federation of Services after negotiations held with them since September.

The signing ceremony for this Equality Plan was held at the Firm’s offices with Pedro Pérez-Llorca, Senior Partner at Pérez-Llorca, José María Martínez López, Secretary General of the CCOO Federation of Services and Marina Prieto, Vice Secretary General of the UGT.

Also present at the event were Daniel Cifuentes, Employment Partner at Pérez-Llorca, Constanza Vergara, Corporate Director and Partner at Pérez-Llorca, and Eva Delgado, HR Director at Pérez-Llorca; Laura Castelló, General Secretary for Women and Equality of the CCOO Services Federation, and Raquel Galiana Vozmediano, Technical Advisor of the Equality and Social Rights Secretariat of FeSMC UGT.

The Pérez-Llorca Equality Plan seeks to promote the co-responsibility of all members of the Firm in this area and includes a set of measures established to continue making progress in achieving and guaranteeing gender equality in the Firm.

The objectives of the Pérez-Llorca Equality Plan are to advance equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, further incorporate a gender perspective into the management of the Firm, and ensure equal remuneration for work of equal value. To this end, it establishes the creation of a monitoring committee to ensure compliance with the Plan and to carry out a six-monthly analysis and an annual evaluation of the Plan.

Specifically, the Pérez-Llorca Equality Plan sets out a wide range of training and awareness-raising actions for staff on aspects related to equality in order to achieve these objectives. These include mentoring programmes, leadership training for women to empower them to reach partnership, as well as awareness-raising sessions on key equality concepts such as the gender gap, unconscious bias, co-responsibility and equal opportunities.

Specific measures related to gender violence have also been included in order to provide an adequate level of protection, updating and strengthening all the protocols aimed at protecting the health of the Firm’s employees.

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