Presentación de la Revista Jurídica

Press release

Pérez-Llorca unveils its Legal Journal at an event held at its headquarters in Madrid


The Pérez-Llorca Legal Journal aims to become a leading periodic legal publication, particularly for the practice areas in which the firm provides its services. During the event, tribute was paid to José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, founder of the firm, and to whom this first issue is dedicated

Yesterday, Pérez-Llorca’s Madrid headquarters held an event celebrating the launch of the firm’s new Legal Journal, which was attended by various figures from the legal, political, business and cultural spheres.

The event was chaired by Juan José González Rivas, President of the Constitutional Court, and speakers included Pedro Pérez-Llorca, Managing Partner of Pérez-Llorca; Francisco León, Of Counsel at Pérez-Llorca and Professor of Commercial Law; and Constanza Vergara, Partner and Corporate Development Director.

Pedro Pérez-Llorca, Managing Partner of the firm, opened the event and explained to the attendees the reason why the firm has decided to produce a publication of this type. For him, “The law governs human relationships and, like relationships, it is by definition a discipline that is always imperfect, incomplete and uncertain. Through the Pérez-Llorca Legal Journal, we hope to contribute modestly to the never-ending legal debate, drawing from useful experiences to develop the law“. In addition, in memory of José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, he made reference to the legal issues which they discussed together, as an example of the legal, political, social and intellectual concern for which he had always been known.

Then, Francisco León, President of the Editorial Board of the Pérez-Llorca Legal Journal, presented the publication. In his words, “The Pérez-Llorca Legal Journal is intended to shed light on new issues arising in relation to professional legal advice, the difficulties encountered to resolve the issues raised in each case, the solutions, and the approaches developed to try to respond accordingly to the problems which needed to be resolved. Therefore, through this Legal Journal, the firm aims to contribute its experience and help to improve the implementation of legal rules and institutions”. León also added that, “Thanks to the firm’s growth, we thought that the time had come for us to contribute legal opinions drawing from practical experience we have obtained”.

Written by the firm’s own professionals, each edition will include, in addition to legal analysis articles and other shorter practical contributions, an ‘Article 20’ section which, under the guarantee of the fundamental right to freedom of expression established in this article of the 1978 Spanish Constitution, will give a platform to renowned public figures with different points of view.

The Pérez-Llorca Legal Journal thus constitutes a channel through which the firm may contribute to the generation of new approaches for the interpretation of regulation, the development of legal thinking and the economic development of Spain, by promoting and defending legal security.

The President of the Constitutional Court, Juan José González Rivas, commented on the collective impact of all legal publications which combine legislative analysis, case law commentary and academic contribution.

He also reflected on certainty and security in legal transactions and its impact on the economic system, in light of constitutional case law.

The launch of this journal was also a lasting homage to José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, founder of the firm and to whom this first issue is dedicated, whose integrity, tolerance, vision and work served as inspiration for this project. All the speakers devoted words of thanks and admiration to Pérez-Llorca, who was, without a doubt, one of the most representative figures in political, legal and cultural life during the important period of the history of Spain that began with the Constitution of 1978.

The President of the Constitutional Court, Juan José González Rivas, stressed in his speech the role of José Pedro Pérez-Llorca in the political transition, highlighting his part in the drafting of the Spanish constitution and his work as spokesman of the Parliamentary Group of the UCD in Congress, as Head of Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of Territorial Administration, describing what each role entailed, and as Minister of Foreign Affairs. González Rivas also called attention to his important contribution to the accession of Spain to the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty, which would lead to its subsequent membership of NATO.

He also emphasised his career as a jurist, in his dual capacity as Court Counsel (Letrado de las Cortes) and diplomat, as lawyer and university professor, and his work as President of the Board of Trustees of the Prado Museum.

Among the attendees of the launch of the Pérez-Llorca Legal Journal were José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid; Enrique López, Head of the Department of Justice, Interior and Victims of the Community of Madrid; and Celso Rodríguez Padrón, President of the High Court of Madrid, as well as other authorities, judges, academics and prominent figures from the Spanish legal, economic and cultural spheres.